Virtual PA Service

As a small business owner myself,  I am well aware that running a business has it’s challenges.


We set up our business using the skills we excel at and because we’re passionate about what we are trying to achieve.


What happens if you:

  • Don’t have the time to carry out particular tasks?
  • Don’t have the knowledge to carry out tasks?
  • Not interested in certain areas of your business and need an expert?


This is where I come in.

You don’t need to make space for me in your office or your home, you don’t need to pay me a regular salary, and you don’t even need to pay me sick pay. All you do is send me the work you need completing and I will ensure the tasks are carried out to the highest standard and sent straight back. I only charge you for the work I carry out. I track my time using an online time tracking tool, and bill to the exact minute.


The idea behind me being your Virtual Assistant is that I will carry out any tasks the regular Office PA does, apart from make your coffee!


Examples of how I can support you;

  • Event support – such as press releases,collating RSVPs, venue sourcing
  • Record keeping
  • HR and Recruitment support including shortlisting and interviews.
  • Reminders
  • Presentation formatting and design
  • Setting up of office systems such as contacts database, letter templates and forms


Your Investment In Me

£30 Per Hour – You can also buy packages of 5 or 10 hours



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