What is SEO – SEO for beginners

What is SEO – SEO for beginners

One of the common themes in group is SEO (Search engine optimization). How do I get my website seen by Google? I’ve installed an SEO Plugin but I don’t know what to do with it….so they end up doing nothing!

SO I though it would be useful to write a blog about it.

By using SEO functions properly for each post & page, you can definitely improve your search rankings. There is a lot you can do to optimise your blog posts, so they can perform better in search results, so this article will show you just that. It’s a WordPress SEO tip for beginners, I will show you how to properly use SEO functions in WordPress posts.

On my blog (yep this one) I use a plugin called Yoast (I’ve attached a sign up at the bottom so that you can grab your beginners guide to using it and setting it up)

Choosing a Focus Keyword

What the hell is a focus keyword I hear you cry!

Well, a focus keyword is the main keyword that you are hoping people will look for and find your post. If your blog is in a competitive niche then chances are that you will be competing with many other established and reputable publications for popular keywords. Always remember that your audience is a human not search engines. So think about what people will be typing into Google to find what you offer.

For example….. this article is titled “What is SEO – SEO for beginners

Therefore my focus keyword will be ‘SEO for beginners’ This is what I believe newbies to SEO will be searching for.

Here’s another example:


WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to choose a focus keyword for your individual posts. It also helps you find similar keywords as you type your focus keyword.

Once you have chosen a focus keyword for your post, WordPress SEO will show you how many times you have used the keyword in different areas of your post.

A good SEO friendly post title is human readable, contains your focus keyword and is within the 70 characters limit.

However, it also needs to be catchy. When your page appears in the search results, a user will decide whether or not they want to click on it based on the SEO title and the description in the search snippet. The description part may change as search engines display the most relevant part of your article as the description. But the title will remain the same. Make sure your SEO title describes exactly what people will get if they clicked on the link.

Yoast SEO for beginners

Post SEO Meta Description

Some SEO experts believe that Meta description tag on a page has become irrelevant. However, many others would disagree. I’d still recommend using meta description for all of your posts. A good meta description can explain a lot more about an article. Meta Description is also shown in social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and in Twitter via Twitter Cards.

Having said that, you want to make sure that it is helpful. You also want to make sure that you at least mention your focus keyword in the meta description for search purposes. The character limit for Meta Description is 155 characters. Try to stay within that limit or your meta description will be truncated after 155 characters. Try to use your focus keyword earlier in the meta description rather than later.

Categories v Tags

So on a post you’ll have two things, categories and tags.. and a lot of people fail to understand the difference between the two. So what is the difference? What’s the optimal number of WordPress categories? How many is too many? Is it okay to assign one post in multiple categories? Is there a limit of tags we can assign to each post?

So the easiest way I can think of describing the difference is that Categories is your chapters at the beginning of the book and tags is your index at the back of your book.

I’d suggest assigning your blog post to around 2 categories (no more), and no more than 10 tags. So your tags will be the keywords that appear throughout your post.

So for example if you’re writing a blog post on personal training. Your categories could be, home workout, recipes, equipment. Your tags would be sit ups, squats, porridge, wholemeal bread, weights, water bottle.

I hope that quick guide has helped!

That annoying copycat and how I’ve learned to handle it

That annoying copycat and how I’ve learned to handle it

We’ve probably all been there. You come up with an amazing idea for a product, you launch it, you sell it, you smashed it… and a few weeks later ‘she’ appears with the same idea! AGAIN.


She being the person who LOVES everything you do, so has to copy it…


I used to really let it get to me, she event pinched some of my clients so sure, I was naturally pissed! For a bit anyway.

Spending endless hours putting things together, modules, setting it all out in a perfect structure, putting the pricing together, not to mention the marketing that goes into getting people interested enough to buy, and then for someone just to swan up and blatantly copy your whole idea, is just really deflating.

So what changed?

I realised I was awesome!

No, really, why else would ‘she’ want to copy me? If my ideas were crap, then ‘she’ just wouldn’t bother right?

I also realised that I wasn’t the only victim, ‘she’ had done it to others too, so I just smirked at the same old saying ‘Karma is a bitch’

So what did I do about it?

Did I shout, scream, call her on it?

NAH! I just ignored it.

I know I’m good at what I do, everything I put together has my heart in it. My blood. My sweat. My tears. Most importantly my customers in the forefront of my mind. I know people love my stuff because I’m ME! Equally her people like her for her (although one day they’ll maybe realise she isn’t 100% authentic – but that’s not my issue)

I’ve unsubscribed from her mailing list (how I was on there I don’t even know!), I blocked her from my pages, unfriended her on Facebook (oh yeah we were friends on Facebook too!), and removed myself from her stuff. I don’t see anything that she does so my mind isn’t consumed by her, and I’m not brought down by the negativity of the situation.

I figured that if she wants to copy my ideas, she can, but all she can see is what’s on the surface. She can’t copy the content, she can’t physcially be me, and most importantly she can’t possibly know what I have up my sleeve next.

The content is the easy bit, and can be copied. The rest, not so much.

Sure, somedays it gets to me, but not as much as it did. Now I just do my best to be me. Be true to myself, my clients & my prospects and know that I’m 10000% authentic. No copies, no imitations, just doing the best I can.

Have you been a victim of copying? Are you facing it now? 

What are you doing about it? 

I’d love for you to share your stories….


10 Things You Can Outsource Today

10 Things You Can Outsource Today

Outsourcing can be a real scary thought for a business owner, especially if you’ve never done it before. Handing over the responsibly to someone you’ve probably never met, it s huge deal! You know you need to do it, but you don’t know who to or even what!

You’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stressed, and there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done! BUT, this is a MUST if you want to grow your business.

So, here are 10 things you can outsource today:

1. Website design and creation

You can easily outsource the full design of your website, or someone to make simple tweaks and edits, or even ensure your site is kept up to date and threat free from hackers

2. Advertising and marketing:

Why not outsource your online marketing, social media and even your newsletters? There are plenty of VAs, and experts with these skills. This would free up so much of your time so you can work on things you’re amazing at!

4. Buying goods and services online:

Trying to buy goods and services online can at times be very taxing considering you will have to create online accounts and have to deal with the buyers or sellers, but outsourcing the services of experts ensures you get quality goods and quality services without having to sweat it out.

5. Profiling competition on social media:

It would be ideal to outsource the services of experts when trying to research your competitors on social media. Trying to do it yourself is likely to take a lot of time and resources, but the experts know their way around such researches.

6. Payroll services:

Instead of creating a payroll system, which would mean hiring an accountant, you could simply outsource the services online. This will help ensure that employees or contractors are paid on time and accurately. It will also save you from doing calculations.

7. Management of social networking sites:

If you are too busy to be always on your social networking sites then you could get the services of a virtual assistant to help keep your page active and busy.

8. Customer service:

You could outsource customer service by having an online expert/virtual assistant in place to always answer to complains, comments and inquiries. This gives you time to do other things.

9. Transcription services:

You can outsource the services of a transcriber from any location in the world. There are so many transcriptionists available right at your fingertips. These could include recorded class notes, memos or articles.

10. Order processing:

If you sell products online, you could be having so many orders coming in randomly that it would be wise to outsource the services of an expert to help with the order processing. This will ensure the products get delivered on time and in an orderly manner. Outsourcing is ideal for online businesses that do not have the space and money to pay employees, it makes it easier to have your work done from somewhere else and delivered to you digitally.

So there you have it…. my top ten tasks you can outsource today!


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Why you need to keep WordPress up to date – What it’s taught me

Why you need to keep WordPress up to date – What it’s taught me

When you log into your WordPress and you see that there’s an update available, then my advice is to install them quick or risk getting infected with viruses or exposed to hackers.

It’s always been my advice and I was 100% confident that I walked the walk as well as talk the talk.

Until last Thursday that is!

I was just about to log onto my site when I realised there was nothing there! Just a nasty white screen and no way of logging in to fix it.

Moments later I received an email from my host informing me that my hosting account has been hacked and that it’s been blocked.

I called them to find out why, and most importantly how. Because I make sure my site is up to date and secure probably every day. If not every other at the very least. I knew I was doing all the right things.

Turns out I had a VERY VERY old site sitting on their servers that I didn’t even know about! (perills of outsourcing and not keeping a tight enough lead)

Fast forward almost a week later and my site is finally up and live again. But it’s been a hard slog to get here.

So the purpose of this blog is to go over why it’s s important to ensure your site is updated and protected.

I work on many clients sites and find that they’re completely out of date and just massively putting themselves at risk of losing everything they’ve worked hard at.

The main reason for people not updating in my opinion is because the site owner doesn’t know what the updates are for, or they’re scared of ‘touching it’ and or are unaware of the severity of the problem.

I think WordPress has made it quite simple for people to set up their own website for free, but no one really takes all the ‘techy’ element of it in.

So what are WordPress updates and why do you need to keep them up to date?

WordPress makes it easy for website owners to update their plugins, themes and the actual wordpress platform itself to the latest versions. Sometimes if you have a really good host, they will update the system for you (and sometimes the theme developers such as genesis will automatically update the theme for you).

However, if not, it literally takes just a couple of clicks and you’re up to date and done.

Sometimes, things can go wrong when you’re updating, but that’s easier to put right and removing hackers from the depths of your website.

What can go wrong if you don’t keep it up to date?

Biggest one is what I’ve already talked about, the security of your site and your server. Occasionally security holes will be uncovered in wordpress code, and when this happens the WordPress team will issue an update to fix those holes and bugs. This is also the case with your plugins and themes. If there’s a hole, the hackers will definitely find a way in.


Another reason to keep it up to date is to ensure you have the latest features WordPress has to offer. WordPress often adds new features such as faster admin screens, changes to the menu structure and post editor, all making your site management easier and providing you with more flexibility.

Prevention is better than cure

If you can take away one bit of advice from me today, is that ensuring your WordPress is completely up to date on a regular basis is far quicker that trying to remove the hackers from your site. Trust me, it’s really not a situation you want to be in.

So.. go ahead, log into your website, update it, update your theme, update your plugins and delete any old ones you no longer use.


Not sure what you’re doing? Then feel free to email me at admin@kellycairns.co.uk where I’ll be more than happy to discuss my web maintenance package with you

Using Your Free Webinar Recording Wisely

Using Your Free Webinar Recording Wisely

So you’ve been running webinars, maybe as a way to grow your list, or just to raise your profile.

Whether or not your webinar produced the results you had hoped for, you can still put the recording to good use.

I’m going to quickly cover several ways you can do this, continue reading and then put what you learn into use.

Create a Paid Course

To do this you offer your webinar as part of a course. You may want to add a transcript of the course, or add things like checklists, articles and more to it. Once you have it packaged you now have a brand new course that you can sell and promote on your website.

Don’t forget that you can easily save your webinar recording onto a DVD and sell it as a physical product. The transcribed version can be turned into a PDF file so now you have an audio and a text version.

To add even more value to your course, you might want to add some extra bonus information that wasn’t covered in the free webinar. This will help to give those that didn’t buy and incentive to do so now.

Sell More of Your Own Products

If you position your free webinar correctly it can help you sell more of your other products and courses. For example, if you sell reports on your website, your free webinar should talk about creating reports, how to use them and more. Then at the end of your free webinar you highlight some of your products as examples.

Once the webinar is rendered and saved as a video, you now have a great promotional tool to use. You can mail out the link to your video to your list, embed the video on your website and on your social pages. All of these things can help create more interest and sales of your products.

Sell Products as an Affiliate

Let’s say you run a tutorial type of webinar but you don’t have any of your own products to sell yet. You can easily make money by promoting products as an affiliate. This method works really well and can really increase your earnings.

Once you have the recorded version of your video you mail it out to your list, and recommend tools and services that will help them achieve what you did in your webinar.

For example if you promote an ecover software, your webinar would show how to use this product to your audience. This creates interest amongst your audience and when you send out the recording with where to buy this product send our your affiliate link and you should see an increase in your commissions.

So don’t let that webinar recording sit any longer on your hard drive. Package it up and start using it wisely.

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