How To Write A Sales Page That Sells

How To Write A Sales Page That Sells

Trying to write a sales page is definitely going to be difficult. There are many things that you’ll need to keep in mind when creating a sales page, and though it may be hard, each of the tips below are surely going to help you out.

The POPPING Headline

The headline is always the most important part of each sales page. You need to make sure that you create something that’s interesting, and a headline that will grab your readers attention.

Add words like “Find out how you can… (Fill in the Blank). Whether it’s a make money product or an ebook on singing, you need to make sure that your headline grabs their attention to keep reading.


Let them know about the benefits

When you let your readers know about what it is that you are offering them, they will know what to expect from the product.

The best part is that if they want what it is you’re going to give them, then you can be sure they will buy the product.


The special limited offer

The limited offer is what helps people think that they need to buy the product right away. When you tell them that they need it and that they only have a few days left, you pressure them into buying the product sooner, causing you to make more money.

You can make a lot of money when creating a nice ebook of your own, especially if you really try the tips above.

It does take time for you to know exactly how to write a sales page that sells, but once you master these techniques, you can build an entire sales page that will always convert.

You may even be asked to write sales pages for others if you’re willing to offer your writing services.

Second year running! WOOP #vacollab15

Second year running! WOOP #vacollab15

So Saturday 25th April (15) saw the VA Awards for the North East Region which was held in Newcastle. What an amazing day!!! Some inspiring Keynote speakers and lots of information to take away and implement.

When you think you’ve learned it all, seriously, you haven’t!

Anyway, I only blooming got Runner Up for North East VA Of Year! Second year running! Yeah baby!!! I am absolutely over the moon!!!!!

Gaining an award like this just makes all the hard work you put in worth while, getting recognition that ‘yeah you’re good at what you do Kelly’ is just really overwhelming.

Look at my shiny shiny award! I had to give it back so that it could be sent away for engraving, so can’t wait to get it back!


AND!!! I won the raffle which was a gold pass to this years Office Show!! All in all, and amazing weekend I’d say


Is Pinterest For You?

Pinterest, the new kid on the social media marketing block. For nosey people like me it’s great!

Because Pinterest is very much a visual platform, it’s quite easy for non designer, non product based business to think it’s not for them. It isn’t necessary a platform for direct customer engagement,  it does however still offer businesses a number of ways to engage with current and potential customers.

Pinterest allows you to link other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and therefore you users can use these as a pathway to draw more people to their social activity, Pinterest is fast becoming an essential platform to a brand’s social media activity.

Getting started on Pinterest is just as easy as setting up any other account, you create your profile, create boards and pin images to those boards. However, it is still very important to encorporate Pinterest into your usual Marketing Strategy.

Why? Well for one, it can suck up a lot of your time, it can get very addicitive. Another reason, you need to know why you’re using it, how you’re going to use it and how you’re going to gain exposure and ultimately clients from it. What’s the point otherwise right?

But, how do you measure your success? one way is to check how much of your content is being ‘pinned’. How? use the following link (and replace ‘your domain’ with your own website url)

Another great one is it’s a nice visual analytic tool, giving you an overview of how many people are sharing your content, your pins and your boards.

There are so many great tools already out there for you to play with, but one you can’t do without is the PIN IT Tool

The buzz around Pinterest is increasing at a rapid rate and as more and more businesses jump on the bandwagon to check out this new and exciting platform, the volume of content will continue to grow.

Not sure if Pinterest is for you? why not sign up to my 5 day e-course ==> Sign up now!

What factors do you look for when asking for help?

So, for some reason, today I’ve seen lots of posts about ‘How to choose the right VA’ or ‘Factors to consider when choosing a VA’

One comment I saw was that you should avoid using a VA if they are not charging as much as others as they may lack self worth. Really? can you judge someones self work and self belief just by what they charge?

I work with an AMAZING VA and she charges her clients half of what I do, she certainly doesn’t lack self worth, and neither does she lack self confidence. She’s damn good at what she does! the only reason she charges less is that she doesn’t want to fully commit to being a full time VA and just helps out on an ad – basis. This is great, if that’s all you’re looking for.

Another article read that VAs are looking for accreditation for what they do to provide clients with proof that they are ‘Accredited’ but does that mean they’re any good at what they do?

Don’t take this as a ‘ranty’ post. I’m genuinely interested in what your ‘tick sheet’ would be if you happened to be looking for support. Not just a VA, but any kind of support, whether that be an intern, another trainer for your training business etc.

For me, it would be the relationship they have with clients, this is usually transparent if they’re active on Twitter, the feedback from clients, I usually watch on Twitter, check out their Follow Friday’s and also spy they’re LinkedIn profile for recent testimonials. Then I would consider the price. If they’re the cheapest that’s a bonus.

Think about the last time you took on support for your business. What were you looking for? I would love to know 🙂

Google+ Buzzing or Buzzed out?

Lets face it, when it comes to Google’s track record of having stabs at social networking is not, let’s say, anything to shout home about. We’ve been subjected to Wave, Buzz, I don’t know about you, but they left me confused and thinking ‘so what’.

But you’ve got to give it to them, they’ve back yet again having another bash at social networking with the arrival of Google+, and this time everyone seems to be jumping on it – with it’s similarity to FB, users are already claiming to have left Facebook in favour of the new platform, Chris Brogan is a classic example, but he is renowned for his bold statements…

Google+ is the search engine giant’s answer to Facebook, in a lot of ways it’s very similar, with similar features.

When I used it for the first time, it felt a bit pointless, just like back in 2009 when I joined Twitter and had no followers, a bit like standing in a middle of a field with no one around, talking to myself….

So if you don’t have any online friends, it’s pretty pointless.

Given it’s similarities to Facebook, it is also very different. One example is how it asks users to categorise one another, the same way as FB friends lists, I guess also the same as Twitter lists – putting people into lists of how you know them, but it’s a lot less complicated than Facebook with it’s simplicity of ‘Circles’

Facebooks initial strategy was to become a platform for people to keep in touch with friends and families, and adding additional features afterwards has over complicated things. I don’t know about you, but unless I categorise things straight away, I tend not to bother, especially if adding people to lists will take time. I’ve never used this feature…..

What makes ‘circles’ different for me? Well it’s there from day 1, so I can start adding people and organising my streams how I like them, and I do so each time someone new follows me, I also like how you can very easily drag and drop people into circles, and how easy it is to name them and create new ones, so when I want to broadcast a particular message, I can select what circle to broadcast it to, and not to the whole world like Twitter or Facebook…so if I have a boozy night out and want to tell my friends to keep my stories a secret I can send it to my ‘friends’ list, likewise if I have some fab business news I can send it to my more professional circles.

One added benefit, is that it’s not cluttered and I don’t get farmville requests… how long this will stay for remains to be seen as I’m sure Google will start to want to make revenue out of it’s claimed already 10 million users.. so watch this space.

Am I convert? not yet. I’m failing to see where it fits into my social media strategy, at the minute it’s just somewhere else to post, draining yet more time on my day, but I am a geek who loves social media, so it’s somewhere I have to and need to be 😉

However, having said that, it does have one cool feature called ‘hangouts’ an online chat area that combines voice and video with instant messaging and the ability to share and talk about youtube videos… this bit is cool – I can ‘hangout’ with my usual Twitter buddies in real time and not just through Tweets…something the other social networking platforms are missing….

Scary thought – if you are an avid Google fan, you could do everything from within Google, you have your documents, emails, browser, chat… so you quite possibly might never have to leave your screen….

So my thoughts? well it is easy to use, and I’m guessing if you are a Google+ user, the usual stream of Tweets that appear currently when you search on Google will soon disappear and be replaced by Google+ messages…

I think I will reserve my final judgement until the Business aspect kicks in, because now I’m just ‘not getting it’…. why I would want to use it (although I do a little), and how it fits in around everything else…


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