Embracing Failure & Why You Need To Do This Now

Embracing Failure & Why You Need To Do This Now

Embracing failure probably sounds odd to you, but it’s really not. It’s not to me, and I’m happy to say that this time last year I felt like a complete failure. But I’m ok with that. My business today looks TOTALLY different to what it was.

So, you’re going to find out why you need to learn how to accept and embrace failure if you want to achieve anything in life & your business….

1. Failure teaches you things that even success can’t

One of the best teachers in life is failure. It forces you to take a step back to look at yourself, and your surroundings, your business in an entirely different light. Things you may not have known before will come rushing to the surface, and you’ll be surprised why you didn’t think of that previously.

Successful people (whatever that is) get to live the life they’ve always wanted. They worked hard to be where they’re at. But, before they got to that point, they probably failed in one or more ways. And I can assure you that when they did, they learned from their mistakes. Myself included!

2. Failure makes you stronger and more resilient

The more times you fail, the stronger and more resilient you become. You feel like you can’t go any lower, and the only way to is up. That kind of mentality is just plain awesome, it’s the kind of mindset successful people have.

How far lower can you go if you’ve already reached the lowest point? Believe me when I say this, when you embrace failure, expect to come out stronger in the end.

3. Failure teaches you new opportunities

When you fail, you hit an invisible wall. You can’t go beyond that wall. So what do you do?
You go exploring, of course. If you’re not afraid of failure, you can easily find new opportunities, new ways to knock down that wall and reach your destination.

You don’t go sulking in the corner, feeling sorry for yourself. No, that’s not what winners do.

4. Failure forces you to think outside the box

If you really want to succeed at something, and you can’t seem to go beyond your failure, you need to start thinking outside the box. What’s in the theoretical box won’t help you succeed, so you’re forced to look elsewhere.

That is the beauty of embracing failure & where others see only the four walls of their ‘box’, those who don’t fear failure will find a way out. Needless to say, those that do manage to think outside the box pave a clearer path towards success.

See? and this is exactly why I always tell my clients to never ever compare your success (or lack of) to someone else’s. You have no idea what they’ve been through to get them where they are now.

What matters is how you pave your way to success….your way.

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4 Ways Believing In Yourself Will Help You Become Successful

4 Ways Believing In Yourself Will Help You Become Successful

We’re all supposed to love ourselves, and everyone in their right minds would say they love themselves. But when it comes to success, many people lack the belief that they can actually succeed at anything, which is quite sad, to be honest. So I’m going give you four different ways believing in yourself will help you become successful (whatever success looks like to you)

1. It will be easier to succeed if you actually believe you can do it

If you want to achieve something, you’re going to have to ask yourself, “Do I really think I can do this?”

If you answered yes, then good for you!

However, if you hesitated, or if you said NO outright, then you need to change your mindset. When you doubt your abilities and your skills, you’ll find it hard to proceed with your goals. A lot of people may discourage you from going after your dreams.

Now, if you do’n’t believe in yourself, then you’re not going to be able to do a good job of convincing others that you can succeed at anything, and why would someone want to work with someone who is flaky anyway? You need to turn that rubbish mind around girl!

2. You build self-confidence that’s essential to succeeding

Believing that you can do it will help you build self-confidence. When you’re confident, you’ll be able to convince yourself and the people around you that you can do it too. They’re not going to doubt for a moment that you’re going to succeed.

It might be tough when you think about it, but if you really believe in yourself, then you know that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

3. You develop a more positive attitude and let go of negative ones

When you believe in yourself, you develop a can-do attitude. You say YES to everything that can help you reach your goals faster, and NO to anything that will set you back.

4. You become more optimistic about your future

Believing in yourself will make you more positive about your future. Nothing can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from progressing any further.

You view failure as nothing more than a temporary setback, and you won’t let it stop you from reaching your goals.

Your self-belief will allow you to see through opportunities that are hiding in plain sight, and because of this, your future will look so much brighter than it does now.


If you are struggling with all of the above, I highly recommend journaling! Take time out of your day and write about your thoughts, each negative, write a positive after it. It works!

Dealing with competition – 10 top tips to stop them from driving you crazy

Dealing with competition – 10 top tips to stop them from driving you crazy

Whether you have a competitor or you have competition copying you, it can drive you mad. It can make your self confidence plummet through the ground, your anxieties through the roof and make you as mad as hell!

But look, if they’re copying you, it’s good. They clearly admire your work and want to be just like you! Likewise if a competitor is in your face, in your network then equally you clearly have a badass business idea and they want a slice of that pie.

But it can drive you mad, the temptation of constantly checking up on them will simply drive you to distraction and knock you off course. You need to stay focused and trust your own business and know you are awesome and obviously doing something right.

My own experience has totally opened my eyes on how people love to just jump on the bandwagon, become lazy start ups because they just copy someone else’s ideas.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in a situation where you have copycat competitors?

Here are my top 10 tips:

1.- Keep calm. We might want to completely eliminate them from our online life, block them from seeing our content, remove them from our mailing lists. But let’s face it, there’s be another one pop up. How many web designers do you know? How many personal trainers do you know?

2. Know the law – if you are trademarked and that’s being infringed then seek legal advice

3. Learn from them – Find out where they position themselves, what they offer and that will give you clarity on what sets you apart so you can use that to your advantage

4. Keep track of their activity on social media – You can see what they are NOT doing and plug the gap

5. Know that it’s healthy – Having competition in business is a healthy thing. It helps us drive your own business forward and helps you affirm your own goals

6. If someone is copying you, just step it up a gear – Simply do it better

7. Don’t say anything malicious or negative about them online or otherwise – This will just make you look like the unprofessional one. Deal with it with grace.  You can choose to ignore them and just move on, or if they are blatantly copying i.e same blog posts/same social media posts then contact them, and give them the opportunity to remove it. The fact you know you’re onto them is usually enough to stop them in their tracks.

8. Don’t engage in a pricing war or change your previous strategy – however tempting this is. Remember, the reason they’re copying is because you were doing something right in the first place.. stay on course.

9. Don’t feel threatened – There are lots of people in this world to share between us. Your clients and customers will buy off you because of WHO YOU ARE. They resonate with you and have built up relationships with you, so know that you are continuously aligning yourself with the right people, as will they.

10. Keep being amazing! – Get out there, be you, know you’re awesome. So awesome that people want to be you and have what you want.

The fact is, this is life! your friend might copy your dress, or want the same shoes you bought last week, the same applies to business. People want attractive things, but your content is your content and it will never be theirs because it comes from your heart, from your experience.

But of course, you have to also flip it over and realise that business ideas aren’t cut and dry. If you’re in a similar field, undoubtedly your content and ideas are going to be similar. Web designers all offer webdesign, but it’s how the execute it that makes the difference.

So what happens if someone accuses you of copying when you haven’t?

My immediate feeling would be to say that of course you’ve not copied. So do the following:

  1. Ask for examples of where they feel that duplication of work has occurred
  2. Provide proof (if possible) of original work and sources, and back this up with evidence where possible

As easy as it is to say, don’t let it affect you. If you know you are producing original work, then there is absolutely no reason for you to worry. If you operate in similar circles, then maybe look at stepping away and distancing yourselves and read over steps 8-10 above.

Always stay true to yourself.

How Women Can Learn to Use Graceful Flow for Success in Life

How Women Can Learn to Use Graceful Flow for Success in Life

Many business women make the mistake of thinking that they have to abandon their feminine side and embrace all things masculine in order to get ahead in business. The truth is that no matter what business you’re in, you will never be truly successful and happy in your if you are pretending to be something that you’re not.

You might think the role of hard-headed businessman is the only way to succeed, but most businesses have more than enough of this type. Their masculine energy rides roughshod over anyone who doesn’t meet their exacting, and often unrealistically high standards. It also silences any disagreement or any creative thinking that might come into conflict with their vision of how things “should” be done.

Feminine energy is a lot less action oriented. It is softer, more creative and flexible. Feminine energy goes with the flow. It doesn’t try to redirect the river.

The Idea of Graceful Flow

The idea of flow is that everything should come to us naturally, without us chasing all over the place after things we think will make us happier, more successful, more. whatever. Flow is about accepting what is good in life without wanting more or pushing it away because we think we don’t deserve it. It is also about attracting the good things in life through correct action. If we work hard on a project, for example, good results will follow.

Flow is also about a vision of how things can be better, but organically. If you want to grow a wonderful rose, you can’t keep tugging at it to make it grow faster. The result would just cause it to wither and die on the vine.

The Secret of the Secret

The very popular book The Secret resonated with a lot of people (myself included) who wanted to learn more about abundance and flow aka Law of Attraction. Instead of exhausting yourself chasing after all the things you want, you can take actions that will make those good things come to you. The result is a lot less stress and a great deal more success and satisfaction.

A lot of people get so caught up in the idea of more – more customers, money, and profits – that they fail to appreciate what they actually have. They get so stressed that their health starts to fail. They also say or do unskillful things which result in poor relationships in the workplace, and unhappy clients who go to businesses who will treat them better.

The Pareto Principle tells us that 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your profits. Graceful flow in this case would therefore mean nurturing these relationships as much as possible to sustain them over the long term.

The energy can be directed in a positive, purposeful way, with laser focus – not negative, aimless and anxious. Graceful flow will bring success without having to stress over it, for more harmony and balance, in your community, when attracting clients and within yourself as a female entrepreneur.

Speaking from experience…..

How to Stand Out Amongst Other Female Entrepreneurs

How to Stand Out Amongst Other Female Entrepreneurs

As more and more of the female population decides to start a business, it gets harder to stand out amongst other women entrepreneurs. We try and be as active as we can, provide services that are different from others, or sometimes the same or similar, and it becomes extremely cut throat, and difficult to stand out from the crows.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Utilise Social Media

Social media can be used for so much more than keeping in touch with friends and family. Create pages for both yourself and your business on multiple social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.). Then, share content that shows off the things that you have to offer.

Be sure to highlight ways that you are different than your competition.

Keep Your Promises

Clients and customers alike will notice when you deliver on every aspect of a promise that you make to them. Make sure that you finish everything that you start, and that you get it done in a timely manner. People remember that you were true to your word, and keep that in mind when deciding who to do business with in the future.

Go the Extra Mile

Doing more than is expected of you when working with clients or customers is a sure way to set yourself and your business apart from competitors in your field. If you can offer an extra feature or service that your competitors don’t, that’s an excellent point to make when trying to ‘sell’ yourself to potential customers.

Listen to Feedback

Even if you are successful when you launch your business, you won’t be able to keep up with the changing landscape if you aren’t able to adapt as a business owner. Take every opportunity that you can to collect feedback from customers and other businesses that you work with.

One way to do this is to provide customers with a satisfaction survey, either in person or via email. Make sure to include a section that lets the customer fill in suggestions on how you could improve your service. Not only will this give you an idea of how you can do better, it also lets your customers know that their opinion matters to you.

Be Yourself

Seems obvious right? But you’d be surprised how many people actually don’t do this. Even the most successful of Female Entrepreneurs. It’s ok if you find things hard. Tell your audience, it’s ok if your launch failed. Tell your audience. Being as authentic as possible will mean that your audience will warm to you, trust you and then buy from you.

These are just a few ways to help to ensure that you stand out among the sea of female entrepreneurs. Yes, competition is fierce. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. With perseverance and due diligence, chances are you’ll realise continued growth along your well-deserved journey to success.

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