Guest Blog – Choosing The Right Brand Colours

Guest Blog – Choosing The Right Brand Colours

As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people choose the right colours for their logo and brand theme.

People have an emotional reaction to different colours so they play an important role in influencing brand perception.

Below are some guidelines based on the psychology of colour for key words that colours typically evoke.

There will always be a variance as when you combine different colour sets you can evoke different feelings and it can also be quite subjective depending on the personal tastes and experiences of your audience. The fonts, shapes and styles you use within your brand theme will also effect how your business image is perceived.

Here are my top tips for helping you choose the best colours for representing your business and attracting your ideal customers.

1) Start by choosing 8 Key Words of how you want your ideal customers to FEEL when they see your brand.  You will then be able to ensure using colours that evoke these feelings when designing your logo and choosing colours for your website and marketing.

2) Consider whether you are going to use blocks of colour or just an accent as it can make a big difference to
the emotional response evoked. Choose a palette of complimenting colours for your brand theme.

Key Words that Yellow typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Joy, Hope, Encouragement, Friendship, Loyalty, New Journey, Optimism, Clarity, Warmth, Opportunities, Energy, Happiness, Active, Confidence, Creativity, Bold.


Key Words that Orange typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Courage, Strength, Creativity, Confidence, Attraction, Energy, Fun, Warmth, Welcoming, Instinct, Intuition, Motivation, Social, Pleasure, Productivity.


Key Words that Red typically portrays and evokes : Powerful, Intensity, Passion, Love, Desire, Risk, Danger, Strength, Fearlessness, Excitement, Bold, Leader, Ambition, Physical, Active, Confidence, Established, Motivated.


Key Words that Pink typically portrays and evokes : Feminine, Gentle, Relax, Encouraging, Supportive, Imaginative, Passion, Balance, Love, Bliss, Caring, Welcoming, Creative, Warmth, Longevity, Possibilities, Growth, Nurture, Healing, Peace, Calm.


Key Words that Purple typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Relax, Courage, Strength, Creativity, Spiritual, Confidence, Attraction, Energy, Instinct, Intuition, Unique, Individual, Respect, Compassion, Powerful, Empowerment, Wisdom, Luxury, Wealth, Healing, Peace, Calm.


Key Words that Blue typically portrays and evokes : Trusted, Information, Education, Established, Ambition, Responsible, Success, Structured, Productivity, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Logic, Secure, Peace, Calm.


Key Words that Turquoise typically portrays and evokes : Inspiration, Clarity, Empowerment, Joy, Healing, Discovery, Wealth, Enjoyment, Power, Creativity, Inspiration, Strength, Peace, Contentment, Spirituality, Communication, Unique, Welcoming, Longevity, Journey, Transformation, Sincerity, Prosperity, Relax.


Key Words that Green typically portrays and evokes : Healing, Balance, Growth, Sanctuary, Nurture, Nature, Discovery, Growth, Opportunities, Creativity, Peace, Calm, Encouragement, Supported, Trusted, Wisdom, Active, Transformation, Clarity, Prosperity, Connection, Relax, Peace.


I have lots of free resources for Creating Branding Designed For Success over on and I offer free branding advice calls so if you’d like to get some inside insight and inspiration please get in touch!

Ces Rosanna Price
Inspired To Inspire Design

Guest Blog With Mark Shaw: 4 Simple Things To Do To Your Twitter Profile To Get You More Followers

When people join Twitter they want more followers. But often they skip the simple things as they are too much in a rush. Setting up a Twitter account should really only take you a matter of minutes, there is really very little to do, so the excuse that you had a lack of time is a weak one.

Here are my 4 top tips for getting started and attracting yourself followers.

Look as though you are open for business

When you go past a shop in the high street, they have the lights on, sign above the door and stock in the window. Well, Twitter is no different, you need to look as though you are taking Twitter seriously if you want others to take you seriously. So it all starts with the Photo. If you still have the default egg photo, forget it, people wont usually bother to follow you. You must add a photo. Now I would always recommend a photo of a person, not a logo or an icon or a building etc… Twitter is all about being personal and transparent. People like to tweet with other people.

Your Bio – need to make you stand out from the crowd

The Bio is 160 characters and can be changed as many times as you like. But please write one. This is your chance to make a quick excellent first impression on potential new followers. People typically will look at your photo and then your Bio. If you have no Bio, or something incredibly vague its doubtful that people will follow you. The Bio consist of 3 parts…

Firstly, what is your expertise… so 30 years as a DIY expert… Then, how can you help people…. so here to answer all your DIY questions… and finally as much personal information as you are happy and comfortable to share….. so lover of ballet, red wine, snooker, golf and harleys……As I say to all my clients, Twitter allows you to tell us who you are, not just what you do. So use the Bio to make yourself interesting, fun and do be afraid to stand out from the crowd…. That’s what will get you more followers. Remember though, that peoples Bio’s are keyword searchable using or indeed Twitter’s own people search function.

We are a bigger company.. what do we do?

I am still a fan of personal photos on Twitter even though you may be a bigger account. Check out who everyday change the photo of the person who is tweeting whilst at the same time keep the branding the same as they all have the same logo on their photos. The Bio for a bigger company could be more about what the account is going to do.. so here to answer any of your questions, deal with any of your issues etc… and also list who is tweeting… so Jim, May, and Bob doing the tweeting…

Add Your Website

This is dead easy, yet so many forget to add their website. You want more website traffic, so add your website info.

Name the account

Each Twitter account has a Twitter username and an ‘actual name’… The actual name should be your name. It tells me who is tweeting. If it is a team, then put the PR team or media team, or Mary Bob and Dave etc…. The ‘name of the account’ does not need to be the Twitter username…. Humanise your brand its so much nicer…

Finally… Start Tweeting…..

And finally, you are ready to start tweeting. So what are you waiting for. When people show up to your Twitter account, if all they see is the ‘I have just joined Twitter’ message, they are unlikely to follow you… I will expand on what you may want to tweet about in another post…..

Mark Shaw is an Author, speaker and a champion of small businesses harnessing Twitter to crush the big boys. Mark has been using Twitter for over 3.5 years, has approx 15,500 followers, & has been on t.v, radio, published in the media and given talks all throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert. You can follow Mark on Twitter…



Guest blog: Isn't running your own business great? by Lisa Dunn of HexagonVA Ltd

Isn’t running your own business great?  The freedom of being your own boss, doing just what you love and not having to bother with stuff you don’t enjoy doing…

Hang on though – you still have to fill in those forms that came in a while ago from some official body or other.  Oh, and the invoices need to be sent out, when?  Ah.  Yesterday.  Then there’s that pile of business cards you really must do SOMETHING with, or all that time spent networking will just have been for fun, not a benefit to your business.

That’s quite a few things that many people don’t enjoy about running their own business: you are not alone.  So what are you going to do?  Let’s take them one at a time:

Form filling: Here’s a super-simple tip.  Create a document with all your basic business and personal information on it, save it, and then copy and paste the information into forms as you need it.  You can easily make this document available to anyone to whom you delegate your form filling – so you only have to do it once!

Invoicing: Do you keep putting it off?  Why?  What accounting system are you using?  You’re not still using paper, are you?  You could save yourself a lot of time and money with an online accounting system, and it could even be fun!  Seriously!  Yes, you’ll have to pay a little for it, but you pay for paracetamol when you have a headache, right?  Ask a VA which system they would recommend.  Many are now using Xero, which in my experience is brilliantly simple.

Business cards: Ah, the ever-growing pile of business cards – in a shoebox, right?  Would you buy shoes and leave them in the box?  You’d get the shoes out and make them work for you, wouldn’t you?  So do the same with the cards.  If you prefer, send those cards by post or by scan to your VA who will take the information and turn it into a nice neat spreadsheet ready for use in your next marketing campaign.  You can send out those important follow-up emails with a few clicks that will generate interest, and what does interest mean?  Sales.  You’d do even better using an online system like Capsule to manage all your contacts, and keep you on your toes with follow-up too.

Three simple solutions to three off-putting tasks.  Rome wasn’t built in a day: true.  Even the longest journey starts with the first step: true.  So don’t be overwhelmed: break things down into smaller bits, and anything is possible.  If you don’t have time yourself, a cost-effective answer is a VA who can handle all these things, and more – just ask Kelly!


Big thanks to Lisa! check her out on

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