Guest Blog – Choosing The Right Brand Colours

Guest Blog – Choosing The Right Brand Colours

As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people choose the right colours for their logo and brand theme.

People have an emotional reaction to different colours so they play an important role in influencing brand perception.

Below are some guidelines based on the psychology of colour for key words that colours typically evoke.

There will always be a variance as when you combine different colour sets you can evoke different feelings and it can also be quite subjective depending on the personal tastes and experiences of your audience. The fonts, shapes and styles you use within your brand theme will also effect how your business image is perceived.

Here are my top tips for helping you choose the best colours for representing your business and attracting your ideal customers.

1) Start by choosing 8 Key Words of how you want your ideal customers to FEEL when they see your brand.  You will then be able to ensure using colours that evoke these feelings when designing your logo and choosing colours for your website and marketing.

2) Consider whether you are going to use blocks of colour or just an accent as it can make a big difference to
the emotional response evoked. Choose a palette of complimenting colours for your brand theme.

Key Words that Yellow typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Joy, Hope, Encouragement, Friendship, Loyalty, New Journey, Optimism, Clarity, Warmth, Opportunities, Energy, Happiness, Active, Confidence, Creativity, Bold.


Key Words that Orange typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Courage, Strength, Creativity, Confidence, Attraction, Energy, Fun, Warmth, Welcoming, Instinct, Intuition, Motivation, Social, Pleasure, Productivity.


Key Words that Red typically portrays and evokes : Powerful, Intensity, Passion, Love, Desire, Risk, Danger, Strength, Fearlessness, Excitement, Bold, Leader, Ambition, Physical, Active, Confidence, Established, Motivated.


Key Words that Pink typically portrays and evokes : Feminine, Gentle, Relax, Encouraging, Supportive, Imaginative, Passion, Balance, Love, Bliss, Caring, Welcoming, Creative, Warmth, Longevity, Possibilities, Growth, Nurture, Healing, Peace, Calm.


Key Words that Purple typically portrays and evokes : Positivity, Relax, Courage, Strength, Creativity, Spiritual, Confidence, Attraction, Energy, Instinct, Intuition, Unique, Individual, Respect, Compassion, Powerful, Empowerment, Wisdom, Luxury, Wealth, Healing, Peace, Calm.


Key Words that Blue typically portrays and evokes : Trusted, Information, Education, Established, Ambition, Responsible, Success, Structured, Productivity, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Logic, Secure, Peace, Calm.


Key Words that Turquoise typically portrays and evokes : Inspiration, Clarity, Empowerment, Joy, Healing, Discovery, Wealth, Enjoyment, Power, Creativity, Inspiration, Strength, Peace, Contentment, Spirituality, Communication, Unique, Welcoming, Longevity, Journey, Transformation, Sincerity, Prosperity, Relax.


Key Words that Green typically portrays and evokes : Healing, Balance, Growth, Sanctuary, Nurture, Nature, Discovery, Growth, Opportunities, Creativity, Peace, Calm, Encouragement, Supported, Trusted, Wisdom, Active, Transformation, Clarity, Prosperity, Connection, Relax, Peace.


I have lots of free resources for Creating Branding Designed For Success over on and I offer free branding advice calls so if you’d like to get some inside insight and inspiration please get in touch!

Ces Rosanna Price
Inspired To Inspire Design

Guest Blog Post – Facebook Chat Bot Feature List?

Guest Blog Post – Facebook Chat Bot Feature List?

I’ve recently started creating chat bots for Facebook Pages. As I speak with entrepreneurs and business owners, the biggest questions I get are “What can they do?” and  “Can you send a list of features?”

And that is where I get stuck. Most know the basic concept: a chat bot sends automatic responses when Facebook users send messages to your Page. Those automatic responses can be customized based on the content of the message received. But that is where the ‘feature list’ ends for most.

I could show them snippets of the documentation, which shows buttons and images and videos being demoed. But none of that is particularly exciting or relevant. What I really want to answer with is “anything”. Your chat bot can do anything you want it to do. Heck, it can order a pizza for you.

The beauty of writing code is, there aren’t many restrictions. Do you want people to say ‘Inspire Me!’ and receive a quote you’ve picked out? Or maybe link them to that video you created showing pigeon pose when they say ‘‘I would like to increase flexibility in my hips’. Even better, have them schedule a consultation based on the availability in your calendar. Or purchase an hour with you directly from the Messenger window. All of these interactions could occur automatically, saving you time while still providing meaningful engagement.

The options, truly, are limitless. There is no set feature list. If you can dream it, you better believe that there is a developer that can do it. Instead of asking “What can chat bots do?”, a better question may be “What can I offer my audience that can be automated?”. You will certainly come up with more innovative options than what is found in the Facebook documentation (ahem, back to the pizza).

About our guest blogger

Rebecca Vogt is a freelance software developer, and can be contacted by emailing

Guest Blog: Small businesses and the numbers

Guest Blog: Small businesses and the numbers

For many having an idea and setting up an business is something that comes naturally, for others it is harder work but something that a significant number of small business owners have in common is a fear of the numbers .. they are scary and if they ignore them it will all be ok .. right? Nope, sorry, it doesn’t work like that!
Understanding the numbers within your business is key to ensuring success. The last thing you want to discover is that you’ve worked hard, had loads of sales but not made any money as you haven’t charged enough.

There are a few key things you ought to be considering:


Are you looking at how you price your products or services on a regular basis? Often people undervalue what they do, looking at what others charge is good but actually pricing up what your costs are so you can make an informed decision about the price is better.  The number of times I hear “But I won’t sell any if I charge a higher price”.  What’s better – selling 10 at £10 each or 5 at £20 each? Surely the second is as you are getting a better return for your efforts.


Keeping track of the money coming into and out of your business is essential.  I always recommend that businesses operate out of a separate bank account, then you know what cash you do and don’t have and it keeps a clear divide between you and the business.  If you are a limited company then it is a separate legal entity to you as a person so has to have it’s own account.

Accounting Records

There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on accounting software, especially when you are a small business.  I’ve just launched a “Small business pack” to help, it contains basic accounting records spreadsheets, a costing model, invoice templates, expenses and mileage logs and for limited companies has dividend vouchers and dividend minute templates and a persons of significant control register template too!

The key is keeping your records up to date and recording everything and doing all this on a timely basis, set aside an hour a week or so to do this as part of your admin, you’ll be glad you did in the end .. honest!

Small Business Pack

Check out Rachaels small business pack containing basic accounting records spreadsheets, a costing model, invoice templates, expenses and mileage logs and for limited companies has dividend vouchers and dividend minute templates and a persons of significant control register template too!

About: Rachael Savage

About: Rachael Savage

Simplified Accounting

Rachael Savage is a chartered accountant with over 15 years’ experience and has been running her own practice looking after small businesses for the last 5 years, she prides herself on having a no jargon and friendly approach and ensures clients understand the numbers behind their businesses whether they are start up or established. When not working, Rachael either can be found pounding the streets in her trainers in preparation for the 10k events she’s entered this year or sat watching her daughter snowboard at one of the UK’s indoor slopes.

For more information head to:


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