How to grow you business gracefully & organically in just 6 weeks

Just in time for the summer holidays!



You’re constantly being told that Facebook algorithms are always changing, people talk about reach & engagement and numbers, and to you they may as well be talking Swahili.

You’re feeling lonely, down, frustrated and skint!

No one is seeing your stuff, you’re posting without clear intentions or objectives and most importantly, RESULTS.

But, you do it because this is what you are TOLD to do.

You plough money into Facebook ads, because Facebook tell you to boost your best ‘performing post’, but you have no idea what you’re doing.

You’re already stressing about how you’re going to keep afloat over the summer holidays.

What if I told you there is a BETTER way?

What if I told you that you didn’t need to pay a SINGLE penny?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to pay a single penny but STILL GET RESULTS?

You’d think I was bullshitting you right?

Welcome to the no bullshit zone!

I am going to share with you my exact strategy that allowed me to GROW my business, triple my email list, grow a SUPER SUCCESSFUL and HIGHLY ENGAGING Facebook group, PLUS consistently making more money each month than I did for the whole of 2017!!

YEP!!! oh and remember I said without investing a single penny in any ads, that don’t work anyway.

Did you know that one single conversion will cost you £5…? that’s right!

Let’s use an example…..

You have a webinar coming up. You create a Facebook ad to promote that webinar. Every person that signs up from your Facebook ad will cost you around £5!!!

Not only that… only 30% of people who sign up actually attend those webinars… so it works out even more expensive!!

So… this no bullshit zone will tell you how to do it properly, origanically & gracefully.

I am going to work with you to put together your own strategy so you can also start seeing the difference in your business.

Here’s what you get when you sign up


1.5 hour live group zoom call which will be recorded, every week for 6 weeks which include:

Week 1 - Mindset & Intention

Work on your mindset and set your intention. We will get SUPER clear on who your soul mate clients are (even if you think you know who they are, you probably don’t), what your true desires are for your business, and what your long & short terms goals are.

Week 2 - Consistent Content

A visibility plan: we will be putting your own unqiue visibility plan together and learn how to maximise it. We will be blowing your visibility up so everyone knows who you are! Time to shine girl.

Week 3 & 4 - Consistent Content

To really get your content in the consitency flow, we will concentrate on this for an additional 2 weeks. This will allow you to breathe, create content, and start to gather your tribe organically.

Week 5 - Finding Your Tribe

We know who they are, we know how to talk to them, now you need to find them and get in front of them! We will be on the hunt for your soul mate clients, and they will begin to recognise you as the GO TO EXPERT, and hang off your every word!

Week 4 - Collaboration & Upleveling

Let’s find you some super sexy businesses you can parner up with that will truly sky rocket your audience and visibility! GROWTH HACK right here

This programme is for you if:

You want more people following you, reading your stuff, talking about you, being inspired by you and buying from you
You want to be super confident and clear in your message to your soul mate client
You actually want to know what to post, when and where
You want a more engaged community of raving fans, ready to buy from you even before you’ve launched!
You want to be recognised as that GO TO expert that everyone is talking about

This programme is NOT for you if

You are not willing to put in the effort – yep it takes effort! This isn’t one of those quick success promises. You need to work on it.
You are not ready to let all the rubbish you’ve learned before go, and start over with clarity.
You are NOT ready for success.

What my clients say…

So roll back around a year or so. I had a wix website and a Facebook page with about 200 members. And an idea to have a membership club.

Then along came Kelly. I stumbled across her in a mums group and she talked about five top tips for a membership club. I thought she was warm, understanding and relatable. She felt like that friendly neighbour that you wish you had.

I joined her group, and then not long after her VIP club. I then also joined her Boost Your Biz Group. Now I have a WordPress site that looks professional. It’s informative and one that I point to daily and use for my landing pages too. I had the tools & the look thanks to her VIP club. My website and my Mailchimp where working like a well oiled machine.

But now I needed people to market to! I didn’t want to blow a load of money on Facebook ads. I had heard so many times Kelly talk about how she organically grew her Facebook group. During a VIP call Kelly and the other members helps me establish the difference between a page and group and I now had my own group too! So more to market too!

Then Kelly announced she was doing a boost your biz without Facebook ads course. There was no way I wasn’t being a part of it. My Facebook page is now almost 600. My group is getting close to 300 and my email list 200! I get interaction for the first time ever on posts daily. I get messages from people I don’t even realise are following me or who have seen me in a group. My marketing is more on brand so they always know it’s me even just by my colours. I share content my audience needs and wants. I had a comment just this morning, a member who has never interacted with me before, yet told me how much she loves my group and how helpful my content is to her. I share my story. Kelly has told me from day 1 that’s what unique about me, is ME. After months (and months) of her persevering, I started to share my story more in depth and I started to realise what she meant.

Without the VIP club, boost your biz and the instagram freebie course Kelly recently did. my business would be stuck on a wix website that wasn’t serving me looked any good, and with only a few scattered members, who were most likely not even my soul mate clients.

Kelly is the key to my business and it’s success. She walks the walk and then talks the talk, and I am blessed to be able to work with her.

Nicola Parker

Personal Trainer & Mental Health Coach

I started “starting” my business in January a year ago and, not knowing where to start, I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars buying “How to make six/seven figures in a webinar/course/freebie” courses and the software programmes they used with no idea what they do or how to use them.

Of course, all these “mentors” claim they were the exception to the rule and that it took hard work and that not everybody could do what they did (which made them liars in my book) but, when it actually came down to it, they could not give the personal guidance they promised and that I, who struggle with several (three severe) learning disabilities, so badly needed.

April 2017, I started my website on my own. June 2017, I hired someone (a “tech-spert”) who promised it would be up and running within a week. By August, I succeeded in firing him because the website still was not up. Thankfully, he had moved me over to WordPress and Bluehost. Only point in his favour. 😂

Around this time, I can’t remember how, I was introduced to Kelly, The Tech Angel. Even after joining, although I liked her immediately, I was slow getting over my distrust that others had instilled in me, but I knew right away that Kelly, although she might be Tech, was also my Angel. She always was present in group, teaching, patient, caring … and then I realised I had to move forward. Take another chance.

I joined VIP in December … I launched my FB group, which is still small and very safe, but I practice Lives and try being consistent.

Although the lessons in VIP are step-by-step and simply amazing, it takes me forever, so I invested in the Boost Your Biz (without FaceBook ads). In four short weeks (well … six because of Easter Break), my confidence has blossomed (still working on consistency through illness and family crises) and I feel I can whip a tiger blindfolded with two hands tied behind my back. 😂 Well … I Did beat MailChimp with Kelly’s help and her step-by-step tutorial in the VIP. It took me almost three weeks of literally 22/7 (and two 72-hour days and one 60-hour day) from start to launch with MailChimp. But … I. Beat. Mail. Chimp! Aha!

Kelly’s Mailchimp course is amazing and will not take Anyone else half as long as it took me. I am very aware I am much slower than most.

So, for those of you holding back from joining the MasterMind or even the VIP Club, because you don’t think you can do the tech, or now is not your time, or you are slow, or … I don’t care what … Give me an excuse. I have lived it and have beat it.

Remember those three severe learning disabilities? Not only do they make me slower than a one-legged tortoise, but they also make me extremely determined (sometimes to the detriment of my common sense and health).

If you have the drive, desire, and education and/or experience to make your business work, but you need the know-how to deal with tech or even some encouragement, I would encourage you to join the MasterMind group! Great things await you — and the other members. One thing I learned in Boost Your Biz, I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone. And we cannot do this alone. I have tried for 16 months and have only started having success in the last five months when I teamed up and asked for help. It is slow and scary, but much better than it was before.

Take the plunge! The water’s fine! Yes. There are currents, but Kelly (our Tech Angel) guides us over the rocks to safety. Ruth Heyerdahl


Your investment

Sign up before Thursday 4th June


 ** BONUS **

First 5 people to sign up and pay in full will receive a free 121 strategy call with me so that I can REALLY understand where you are in your business before we even begin

Or pay in 2 monthly instalments of £99

Discounted price for VIP Tech Angel Club Members £127

Why should you listen to me anyway?

I truly understand how difficult it can be building your online business.

With so many platforms to choose from how on earth do you get moving right? How do you know which ones to choose? Hell, how do you even use them? I know you don’t ‘get’ the tech involved, I know you don’t even have the time to figure it all out.  Good news!

You found me for a reason.

I was where you are right now, 11 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition, stand out, call in my soulmate clients consistently, show up every day to be seen.

I had no idea what tools to use, I spent tons of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly.

None of it worked. Not because I was rubbish, but because it was someone elses roadmap, someone elses journey. We are all unique in this entrepreneurial world.

So why am I telling you this? How can I help YOU?

I keep it real, I give you practical guidance, tell you the tools that are out there, assess your individual business needs and recommend the tools for YOU.

I cut through the sparkles and shiny shiny stuff, It’s time to remove the frustration and daily struggle, and start taking action.

REAL action.

Like I said already, I am going to share with you my exact strategy that allowed me to grown my business, triple my email list, grow a SUPER SUCCESSFUL and HIGHLY ENGAGING Facebook group, PLUS consistenly making more money each month than I did for the whole of 2017!!

YEP!!! oh and remember I said without investing a single penny in any ads that don’t work anyway.

Are you read to do this?

Your investment

Sign up before Thursday 4th June


 ** BONUS **

First 5 people to sign up and pay in full will receive a free 121 strategy call with me so that I can REALLY understand where you are in your business before we even begin

Or pay in 2 monthly instalments of £99

Discounted price for VIP Tech Angel Club Members £127

What my clients say…

I have loved being part of the Boost your Biz group, Kelly is so clued up on everything. Her guidance and support has been invaluable and I thank her for that. I have a far way to go yet, but this has been a start and would not have gotten this far without this group and Kelly’s help. Highly recommend her courses and look forward to working more closely with her in the future. Much love Grace xx Grace Mc Gilveray

Wellness Coach

I loved Boost Your Biz on Facebook with Kelly Cairns, She has been first class, making sure we ALL covered ALL the steps gracefully. I had a breakthrough with my ideal client and am on the brink of another, this will be huge for Boosting my Biz. We were lucky enough to do the course over Easter allowing the first two weeks materials to consolidate, before moving on. Even though it was Easter Kelly still kept in contact with us all.
So much so that I have taken the next step with her as I trust her to Boost my Business.

Love Karen xx Karen Mary Wilson

Wellness Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Kelly. We were a nice group of ladies and Kelly kept us motivated and came up with inspirational ideas. My FB group hasn’t grown yet, but Kelly has put me in the right direction and gave me some great ideas. I only need to put it in action now. Thank you Kelly! Sabine Fischer

Pilates instructor

I just wanted to share a proud moment as a lot of it comes down to support from you wonderful ladies and in particular the AMAZING Kelly Cairns!

Thanks to you I have now:– Moved my website to wordpress with divi and updated it all, showing a big improvement already!
– Set up a facebook group, with over 200 members! and started to get good interaction!
– Set up mail-chimp along with landing page and automations!
– Today I launched my first ever challenge and have got 14 subscribers who are watching my lives and joining in!

Done my first, proper, scheduled live without pooping my self!I am so so proud of myself as I have never had the courage to push myself and put myself out there but this year I am grabbing life with both hands!

Next steps are:

– Membership site
– Courses
– Collaborations (guest blogs, fb lives, webinars etc)

Thank you for the support! Charlotte Lamb

Coach, Tender Roots Coaching

Hello ladies, I just wanted to share my win! I hired Kelly a few months ago to mentor me in all things tech as I’ve always had either my husband or an employee to do the tech side of business in my other company and I really wanted to feel empowered to do it for myself. When I started out in my new business a few months ago, I was terrified of going it alone. The stories I was telling myself about how I couldn’t do anything tech…honestly! And I’m a mindset coach!

Anyway, getting to my win… Thanks for the support I’ve had from Kelly, and setting the intention that I COULD in fact do this myself, in the last few weeks I’m managed to:

– create a series of emails in Mailchimp to advertise the launch of my new academy and members’ club
– set up an automated set of emails in MailChimp for a free challenge I’m running so that an email and workbook go out each day of the challenge
– create a sales page in WordPress
– create the challenge sign up page in WordPress
– add a PayPal button so that people can shower me with money!

I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do these things a couple of months ago. I’m an intelligent, educated person but I have (had!) such a block towards tech stuff. But Kelly’s really given me the confidence to get stuck in and you know what? It’s actually been pretty easy and (shock horror!) fun! So thank you Kelly Cairns!

If you’re finding yourself where I was a few months ago know that there is hope! It doesn’t have to be hard. Identify the stories you’re telling yourself about what you can and can’t do and CHALLENGE them! I bet they’re not true!

xx Tamsin Alsbury

Success Coach, She Minds Her Own Business

Your investment

Sign up before Thursday 4th June


 ** BONUS **

First 5 people to sign up and pay in full will receive a free 121 strategy call with me so that I can REALLY understand where you are in your business before we even begin

Or pay in 2 monthly instalments of £99

Discounted price for VIP Tech Angel Club Members £127

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