5 Key Products You Can Create, Lauch AND Sell From Your WordPress Site 


Hey my lovely!

So you want to start selling products from your website and gosh, there’s just so many options. ebooks, courses, videos etc etc and etc… and you have no idea where to start.

You feel:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Overworked
  • Skint
  • and just downright miserable


Everyone else seems to be doing it, and you feel left on the shelf. Desperately trying to figure it all out, but feeling overwhelmed and lacking clarity and direction.

Am i right?

Well, jump onboard this FREE webinar, and I’ll take you through the types of products you can create and sell, the tools you’ll need to create them and the process you can follow to create, launch and sell!

Oh, and probably from what you already have stored and is currently gathering dust in your computer folders.

If it STILL sounds a little scary to you, then don’t be afraid. I work with women like you ALL the time. The techy stuff usually makes them break out in a cold sweat, but I promise I’ll take you through it with no techy talk, simple language that you will understand.

Pinky promise…..


“Thank you for your amazing work and support. You are such a great big gift in my life and I can’t tell you how you have made me feel about my future and the possibilities of working online. I’m on fire Kelly. You have even rekindled my interest in online marketing. Loving you Wonder Woman You have no idea the impact you are making on my energy and business confidence.”

– Dawn Breslin Founder of Harmonizing, 5 Simple Steps To Increase Energy, Vitality, Confidence & Clarity,

“Kelly, the content was perfect for a beginner like me!  especially liked the flowchart of how it flows – this is where i always get stuck!”

– Robyn

“This has really infused my thoughts of the types of products I’m able to put together, even from old articles I’ve written and didn’t think would see the light of day again. You made it all sound so easy. Now I think i need your bootcamp to show me how….Thanks Kelly!”

– Jen

All you need to do is pop your email in the little box below – you’ll receive a link in your inbox, just click that and listen in at your chosen time from your computer, laptop or iPad.

Remember to grab a notebook and a cuppa too.

See you there!


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