When you have a Facebook group of your own, engagement can be one of the hardest things to consistently experience. And of course, without engagement, why have a Facebook group at all?

Engagement can be tricky. There are certain things people love to talk about and things they don’t. We’d all like to think that “if you build it, they’ll come,” but that’s certainly not the case with Facebook groups. They may join, but that won’t get them talking.

So, what will get your audience responding to you and each other? There are a few tricks of the trade that work to get people interacting. In this article, we’ll discuss four ways to increase the engagement within your Facebook group.

1.Ask questions.

Now ask more questions. People love to talk about themselves, so ask. This is, by far, the easiest way to at least have people begin responding to your posts. Ask questions related to your niche or group topic, and make sure you respond to each and every response you receive. Just answering a question is boring. Interacting with the owner of the group is not.

2.Think about your timing.

When is your audience using Facebook? If your audience tends to work a 9-5 job, they may not be online to see your posting at 10 am and 2 pm. If they are online perusing Facebook when they receive a notification of a new post in your group, they’ll be more apt to check it out and get involved. Social media auto-posters such as HootSuite and Buffer have analytics to help you determine the best times to post to get the most views, and ultimately the most engagement.

3.Photographs are king in Facebook groups.

More people look at posts with photos, and people are much more inclined to respond if it is a photo that is on-topic. Alternatively, you can create a pattern interrupt by using a shocking photo that is entirely not on-topic for your group.

4.Use surveys to find out what they want.

This is different than asking questions. Use a survey in your Facebook group to find out exactly what your members want to hear from you. Maybe they want more video content. Maybe they want more industry news. It depends on your niche and topic, but by asking your audience what they want, you can deliver that, and make the group fit what they’re looking for. That is bound to make them more interactive.

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