10 Mistakes NOT to make when launching your business online

10 Mistakes NOT to make when launching your business online

I’ve worked with many businesses who want to develop online. Sometimes they’re complete newbies and all the tech stuff just makes them ill, or they might know exactly how to do it all, but perhaps don’t have the time, or they don’t have the interest in doing it. They just want it done.

Sometimes, they’re in between and come to me for advice and guidance on the best way forward.

Knowing how to start your business online without headaches is really important to the long term success of your venture, so I’ve come up with my top 10 things that people do a LOT, and how to avoid them.

1 – Waiting too long to launch/ Product service

Yep, number 1 on my list is waiting too long to actually launch! Just get it done already. You don’t need to have everything perfect. You don’t even need a website. Just start gathering your audience and get seen.

2 – Launching the wrong type of product/Service

You might think the product or service you’re offering is perfect. But does your audience? Knowing exactly what they need and want is THE most crucial element of your business. The last thing you don’t want to happen is spend hours, weeks, months on making everything perfect only to find out that no one buys. Gather your audience and ask them!

3 – Not knowing your audience well enough

Before you can ask your audience what they need and want, you need to be super clear on who they are. Their age, sex, are they male/female, both? what they like, dislike, what their problems are, what do they struggle with, where do they hang out?

You might have a few, but think about THE PERFECT customer, the ones that make your heart sing, the ones that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Be as clear as possible. Once you’ve nailed that, then you’re laughing.

4 – Not listening to what they want

So you know who they are, you’ve asked them what they really want, listen to them! Like I said before, you might think what you’re offering is perfect, on your head be it if you still continue to launch your product/service if it’s no what they are asking for.

5 – Not being unique – What makes you stand out from the rest?

What makes you different? What makes you stand out from the other business who does the same as you? Why should people buy from you and not them?

Make this clear in your marketing.

6 – Lacking in passion – you need to love what you do

Maybe the initial concept is not what you clients need, so you’ve had to change your plan slightly. Whatever you decide to do, you need to LOVE IT! Lacking in passion for the business you have, the flame will soon die out, along with your business.

7 – Thinking it’s going to be easy

I always get the ‘oh you’re so lucky working for yourself’ I don’t see it as lucky. I see it as bloody hard work! Always marketing myself, always making sure I’m visible, answering emails at 11pm at night when I’m lying in bed. Always working, never being able to switch off.

Running a business online is tough BUT worth it! I LOVE what I do, I know my customers love what I do,  and I know the NEED and WANT the services I provide.

8 – Trying to do everything yourself

It’s the easiest thing in the world to do, think you’re superwoman, trying to do everything yourself. Trust me, the only want to grow you business is by building a team. Get people on your side who knows what they’re doing, find someone who is good at building websites, you might be able to do it, but an expert can do it twice as fast… (that’s just an example) Stick to what you know, stick to what you’re good at.

9 – Wasting time and money on the wrong tools

Gosh, I’m guilty of this one. Wasting money on the tools I don’t really need, or thought I did but never used them, or maybe not sure how! I’ve wasted endless of hours I will never get back on online platforms that promised the world, and just never got to see the time of day.

I now use a handful of platforms, know them inside out and use them with all of my clients too.

10 – Not believing in yourself

Mindset is a biggie, You need to know you’re blinking good at what you do! It’s true what they say, a positive mindset will attract positive things.

It’s easy to feel disheartened when a product launch goes flop, just do it again. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win big, but it’s how you handle it and yourself that matters most. Like I said before, running an online business isn’t as easy game. But it is worth the effort.

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Why I love Asana! and why you should also be using it in your business

Why I love Asana! and why you should also be using it in your business

So you get an email from a client asking if you’ve seen the email they sent you, or actioned the task in the email…. before you know it, 4 emails later they’ve established you’ve received it and yes you’re indeed on track to completing what they’ve asked.

Before you know it your inbox is full of unnecessary emails, and tasks and disorganised chaos.

Sound familiar?

Well let me introduce you to Asana – THE best (in my opinion) Task and project management tool there is! oh and it’s FREE!

Why and what’s great about it?

Well first of all you can use it anywhere, on your desktop broswer or on your mobile phone/ipad. It’s free like I said you just need an internet connection.

It’s not super fancy, it’s super simple which is perfect if you struggle with technology.

So it’s structured like this


so essentially a workspace is a group of projects. As an example I have a workspace for the Tech Angel. Under that Workspace is a project for each of my clients.

You may want a workspace for each client – or you might want a workspace for your own business with multiple projects such as sales, marketing, finance.. just an example 🙂


Your Projects are just that, a project where you’ll have a task list.

For example I have a project per client and then tasks assigned to the client




As mentioned previously, in your projects you’ll have a task list. You can assign these tasks to various team members, add tags, add files, add notes, conversations, and deadlines.

What I really love about Asana is that you can invite members to collaborate on your projects, so you could invite your clients, or workmates or associates.

Another cool feature is being able to email tasks and projects. So for example, if a client emails you with a task request. You can forward that email right into a project or even a task. It will create the task for you, or simply add it onto a current task, so there’s no need to go from your email and copy it over into asana. Pretty neat if you ask me!


Find out more at www.asana.com

Easy Video Creation Tools

Easy Video Creation Tools

When it comes to creating videos you don’t need to rush out and buy expensive equipment. There are plenty of free tools that you can start using at first. Then as your experience improves you can decide whether or not more expensive tools will be helpful.


Jing is a free tool that allows you to capture video, still images and basic animations. You can easily capture portions of your screen that you would like to share. Or you can create a tutorial type of video where you share a process or method with your viewers.

You can save your creations directly into Screencast dot com and share your links all over the web.


This is similar to Jing above but is a paid version that works on any Mac. You can record your screen, edit your videos and software and create demos. If you are looking to create high resolution videos then this might be a tool worth investing in at some point.


Again Camtasia is a screen recording and video editor. It is more powerful than Jing, and is made by the same people. You can download a smaller version of this program for free, Cam Studio. Plus it works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Snagit also allows you to record videos from your screen. You can try Snagit out for free for 30 days. It’s a great tool for resizing and adding text to your images too.

Windows Movie Maker

This is a free program that is available for all Windows users. On Windows 8.1 you need to download this from the Microsoft App store. On earlier versions it is included in the operating system.

Windows movie maker allows you to easily create a movie from your slides or photos and add a sound recording to it. If you are just starting out this is a great tool to use to become familiar with making movies.


A free tool that allows you to record your voice or a sound track for your video. You can edit your footage and cut out any blank spots. Then simply convert it and export it into your video making software. Works great with Windows Movie Maker.


Both of these tools help you create fantastic looking slides and templates for your videos. Keynote is the Mac version while PowerPoint works on Windows.

You can add images, icons and animation to your slides and then export them into videos. Newer versions of PowerPoint allow you to create your own soundtrack before saving.

QuickTime Player

People forget about this little hidden gem. QuickTime Player is available on both windows and mac, and it has the ability to record your screen, so perfect for recording on screen tutorials or powerpoint presentations.


All of the above tools will help you learn how to make videos quickly and easily.

Market your products with an affiliate programme

Market your products with an affiliate programme

If you have products or services to sell then having an affiliate programme is a really powerful way to market online…




  • Drive extra traffic to your site
  • Extend the reach of your brand
  • Other people are promoting you, always a winner
  • Generate new leads
  • Make more money!


I like the sound of the last one…well all of them are tempting right?

By starting your own affiliate programme, you can easily increase your sales, and let your happy clients/customers do the work for you.

For example….if someone has bought a product from you and they absolutely LOVE it! Why not ask them to promote it to their list, or to their contacts….and in return they get a % of the profits they earn through generating those sales for you.


Everyone is a winner! 

How much is totally up to…


If you have a WordPress site, I highly recommend you using The Affiliate Plugin with Tips & Tricks HQ.

The plugin is super easy to use, and the support from the guys over at T&T is second to none! Tons of video tutorials too.

If you want to see how it all works, you can sign up to my affiliate programme and give it a whirl (cheeky plug).

<check it our here>

If you have any questions or would like additional information or support on setting up your own affiliate scheme, then please feel free to drop me a line.


WP Affiliate Platform

If you had the chance to borrow my brain… would you?

If you had the chance to borrow my brain… would you?

I would probably say no.. you really don’t want to know what’s inside my head most of the time 😉


However, I do have knowledge, experience and proven results using the large range of software that is available to us…


Let me introduce you to ‘Borrow Her Brain’



We all get stuck from time to time. Spending hours on certain parts of software, trying to figure it out on your own. Wasting valuable time. Wasting valuable money making time.

What if you could borrow a piece of someones time, a piece of someones brain in short snappy videos under 5 minutes, to get the answers you need, right now?

Borrow Her Brain is a site full of specific videos covering all aspects of software from Aweber, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Mailchimp and much much more!

What are you waiting for? Head over there now to find out more! http://www.borrowherbrain.co.uk

Sell and make money effortlessly and efficiently

Over these past few weeks I’ve been so busy (hence no blog posts), I’ve been really busy working on affiliate programmes and wordpress sites. Which I love!


I just wanted to share with you a couple of really cool plugins for WordPress that I have come across (thanks to Alicia Cowen for the tip!)

First is my very Favourite plugin!! is WordPress Affiliate Platform. If you’re familiar with Affiliate Programmes this might excite you a little.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate programmes, well basically Affiliate marketing is a way of selling products and receiving a commission in return. So you sell someones product from your website using a unique URL and you generate commission in return. Great way to get extra income.

Well, the WordPress Affiliate Platform is a way for you to offer your visitors a chance to earn income by selling YOUR products! cool huh?

No need to spend $99 a month to use 1shopping cart (sorry guys!) for the small ONE OFF fee of $49.95 you can set up your own affiliate program right from your wordpress site! and believe me, it’s SO simple to set up! bye bye 1shopping cart, this is the way forward!

PLUS it integrates seamlessly with Paypal, Mailchimp and Aweber!! LOVE IT – yeah ok you’re using 3 systems now instead of 1 but you’re saving your pennies and my opinion it’s much more flexible than using 1shopping cart, they’re so restrictive in design! bugs me.. and a lot of my clients are already using it and love it.

The second is from the same developers and it’s WP E-store. Again, completely by-passing the big e-commerce platforms, for the same price as the Affiliate Platform you can get your hands on this amazing powerful yet simple plugin to sell products right from your website.

You can develop a whole shop front, or you can add buttons and products within pages or posts simply by using shortcodes.

Again, it integrates amazingly well with Paypal and Aweber and you can set your own autoresponder based on individual products (something 1shopping cart can’t/won’t do!) and subscribe people to your lists in Aweber on a per product basis!

Go and check them out and see for yourself.

Got any questions about these two plugins? just ask and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions for you.

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