How to cover your ass when selling online

Ok so you want to sell your products, courses, events blah blah online. You have a gorgeous website set up, you’ve spent weeks making it look beautiful, thinking about the perfect copy that will enchant your potential customers.

I bet you’ve forgot one thing, the legal boring dull bit… Terms & conditions…and not to mention your privacy and cookie policies.

You’re probably thinking well “no one even reads it” “I’m just a small business” “it’s just boring anyway”

These are all valid points, but yep, you REALLY REALLY do need these on your website, in fact, it’s probably the most important, if not THE important part of your site.

Terms and Conditions <yawn>

100% the dullest page on your site, however, this sets out the rules of using your website, however, there’s actually no legal requirement for defining terms and conditions.

(NOTE: If you are gathering user’s personal data, you are required by law to have a formal Privacy Policy – even if you don’t have a Terms and Conditions page.)

Terms and Conditions may not be required by law, but it’s still a savvy thing to include.

These pages can limit your liability and cover your ass if a customer decides take you to court, as well as protect your rights to the content you’ve added to your website.

If you’re ever facing a legal battle (hopefully not!), a court will look at your website terms & conditions to determine the contractual terms between you and the customer. So when you’re writing them, make sure you have this in the forefront of your mind.

So what should I include?

The actual content included will be specific and unique to your own website and the type of content you supply. However, if you look around within your own niche/industry you’ll find that they’re pretty much the same.

Limit Liability

So this is basically a section where you hold your hands up and waiver any liability from errors within your web content, really what you’re saying is that you can’t be held responsible for any errors in content.

So this will apply to anyone commenting on pages, blog posts etc,


You should always include a notice about copyright/trademark. For example, “Copyright © 2016.”

Privacy Policy

If you are collecting any information from your customers (such as email addresses or credit card information), then THIS IS a legal requirement. This outlines how information will be used – check out mine as an example

Set Governing Law

This bit is to mention where your website is operating from in terms of the governing law (state/province and country).

For example, “These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales”

But I don’t really know where to start! HELP!

If you’ve never put terms & conditions together before, it can feel scary and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! there are easy peasy solutions….

1. Copy someone else’s

Ok, I don’t actually mean copy it word for word. That is NEVER a good idea. however, you can use it as a guide and amend according to your own business requirements and rules.

2. Use a Terms and Conditions Generator

Hope onto Google and search for “Terms and Conditions generator” and you’ll see loads of sites to choose from that will do just this for you – generate Terms & Conditions.

Again though, be sure to read through it and make sure it covers everything we’ve already gone over.

3. Get a solicitor to do it for you

If you’re really not sure and still scared, then the best thing to do is to find a solicitor you can work with to put together your own Terms & Conditions. Obviously prices will vary but ask around your network to find a reliable company.


Case Study: Dawn moves into the digital world

Case Study: Dawn moves into the digital world

Let me start by saying I LOVE MY JOB!!

I just love love love working with clients and blowing their minds!!! Gosh that sounds so anal I know but really, when I work with clients who are so comfortable doing what they do in a physical capacity. Whether it being speaking, teaching, coaching etc in a classroom, on stage…whatever, and then they ask me to help them get online, I just love it!!!!

This is exactly what happened this month.. well yesterday was go live actually.

When Dawn contacted me she was just overwhelmed by the thought of having to move her business online. She had a website, but it just wasn’t working for her. She wasn’t sure how to get things up and sell them to the big wide world.

Dawn Breslin, is absolutely amazing at what she does. She regularly features in the Psychologies magazine, she’s a Hay House author, speaker, tv & radio presenter.

Dawn realised that she needed to be able to deliver her coaching online. It’s the way it’s going now isn’t it? But she just didn’t know how.

TA DA.. Tech Angel to the rescue!!

I re-vamped her site and just brought it to life. A nice, fresh look, full of visuals, just how she asked.

This week we also launched her very first online course!! Well actually two courses!!!

Introduction to Harmonizing Life Design and Mindfulness for beginners with Maggie Kay. I am so proud of her.

We created brand new sales pages, added a shop to her website and dished out a gorgeous campaign via Mailchimp…

This is just the beginning of her journey, and much more to come! Head over to her website to check it out!

If you would like to discuss how you too can set up your material online to generate a passive income, then get in touch now!

Product Creation – The different types of products you can create

Product Creation – The different types of products you can create

The amount of information that is available on the internet these days is truly a mixed blessing – it comes with the following benefits and drawbacks:

  •   People have ready access to information but do not have enough time to read it. 
  •   There are so many types of information competing for attention. 
  •   There is an increasing number of competition selling low-cost information products.


So while the rewards may be great and profitable for some, the competition is tougher than ever before. The best way to tackle this challenge is to do your homework and learn about your ideal customers as much as you can. This will help you decide who to target, how to best position your products and what is the most effective way to present it.

Types of Information Products

So, what are the options available to you when it comes to selling information products? Below I’ll go over briefly the most popular products that are available, and proven to be very popular:


Ebooks or electronic/digital books are easily the most common and in demand type of information products available today. This is probably because it is the easiest and cheapest for of information product to can sell and buy. There are so many ebooks available on the market today, covering every imaginable topic and catering to different audience.

If you have a flair for writing or you feel you can be able to share expert advice and information on a specific field, you can consider creating your own ebook and sell it in the market. But of course, not any ebook will do. You will want to come up with one that will best appeal to your target audience. Here are the popular ones for your reference:


How To Information

This type of ebook offers important assistance on learning a new skill, enhance existing knowledge or provide an innovative approach to doing certain things. It can cover different topics such as social media, bookkeeping, coaching, cooking, learning a skill, dating and so much more.

If you plan on creating a how-to ebook, you should first take time to study your ideal client and find out what are the most significant concerns/issues/problems and create content that will be able to provide a solution to that problem.

Making Money Info

Another type of ebook is one that is geared towards offering information on how to make money. Most people, if not all are always interested in new ways of generating new income streams, especially if they’re self employed and looking at solutions for a passive income stream. If you have discovered how to generate income and make a serious profit doing something, then you might want to write about it and share your expertise.


Health And Fitness

With more and more people being conscious about their health, an ebook covering such topics would be perfect if you’re an expert in this area. This type of ebook covers various topics such as weight loss, natural remedies and muscle gain. Through the years, there will always be a great market for these information products.


These type of ebooks focus on providing relationship advice, such as dealing with a divorce or getting back an ex partner. There have been a growing demand for books that tackle gaining self confidence, dealing with stress, and becoming a better person.

Training and Skills Improvement

Whether people are genuinely interested in acquiring a new skill or trying to save money by doing things on their own, more and more people seek online resources on enhancing knowledge and improving a certain skill. This may include Photoshop tutorials or the basics of using social media.

Video Tutorials

Another type of information product that you can sell is video tutorials, which of course, provides information, depending on the particular topic you want to pursue. If you plan on offering training courses, video formats are highly recommended so you can demonstrate/discuss every step for your audience to see and observe.

If your tutorial involves navigating around the web or certain software, a screencasting software can be used to record every cursor action. A lot of people prefer video tutorials over written ones as it is easier to understand and it comes with better visual appeal, which is ideal for people who prefer watching instead of reading. Of course, there is also the fact that people can play and replay video tutorials whenever they need to. These are exactly what I provide in my training courses and also in my Tech Angel Club


Membership Sites

As the name suggests, you can basically make money by setting up a membership site and attract users to sign up. In my opinion it’s one of the  most overlooked income opportunity and a well known lucrative business model.



So these are the top money making channels for selling information products. At this point, you may think to yourself, “I don’t think I can pursue any of these” and come up with a number of reasons such as “I don’t know how to write or code” or “ I don’t have any brilliant ideas to sell”, well, think again.

Money does not grow on trees and nothing comes for free these days. If you are keen on gaining that financial freedom – whether you’re preparing for retirement or looking for a means to get out of the corporate rat race — why not sign up to my ‘Creating & Launching Your First Digital Product E-course’ . Discover how you can sell information products through strategic planning and innovative thinking.

6 Tips to Improve Your Membership Website Profits

6 Tips to Improve Your Membership Website Profits

If you’re one of super duper savvy and clever businesses that have started building a membership site for your business, then one that makes money is exactly what you were aiming for right?

But, what if you could improve your membership website profits just by ensuring you have incorporated these six simple improvements to your website?

1. Create different membership levels
One easy way to increase your income is to offer visitors different membership levels. This is really psychological since it makes the potential subscribers feel like they have options.

2. Ask current members to give you referrals 
Ask your current members to provide you with referrals and for those referrals offer them something of value. Offer them a free monthís membership, a free service, a free product, or a discount of some sort, or even set up an affiliate scheme so that they get a £% for the referral. Essentially money for nothing, well telling people how fab you are!

3. Commit to publishing a blog

This is an excellent way to communicate, with both your personality showing and your authority. Consumers are looking for both a personality and a brand when they read, and so this allows you to engage them and show both.

4. Implement trial memberships 
If you find that you are having difficult getting visitors to sign up for a membership why not offer them a free trial. It could be for a few days or it could be for a month. Or the ‘in thing’ is to offer the first month for just £1. Just make sure if you do go down this route, that you don’t give all your content away during the first month. The idea is just to give them a taster.

5. Pay attention to what the add copy actually says
Watch the language that you are using on your membership sign-up page. If your copy sounds like a sales page with heavy promotion, your customer may not feel like there is any benefit to them and that all you want to do is sell them something and so they’ll walk away. As your friends, family or your network to read over the sales page and see what they think.

6. Rather than creating a business model to work from creating a brand 
Rather than spending your time creating a business model that’s profitable, spend your time creating a recognisable brand, because when you do this you will build regular customers/members to your site.

There you have it- six excellent (I hope!) tips that can help to improve your membership website profits. The focus of a membership site is to bring new members and then keep those members paying their monthly subscription, so make sure your membership site can accomplish both steps. When you do that, you’ll generate increased revenue, and enjoy your savvy business sense, because it CAN make you a full time income.

If you haven’t got a membership site, or you’ve been thinking about it for your business and not sure where to start, why not sign up for my freebie course?

Have a wonderful week
Kels x

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How to offer valuable content on your membership site

How to offer valuable content on your membership site

If you want to keep the members you already have and you want to build new members then you have to offer them content that is valuable. There is all kinds of free information on the internet, so if you want members to pay you had better have something of value to offer.

Your membership website is all about content and that content needs to be good, there should be lots of it, and there should be a good variety of content. Here are a few ideas of what you could do.


  • A blog that is frequently updated.
  • Audio or video files such as training sessions, tutorials, and interviews with experts that are ready to listen to or watch online.
  • A ‘Contact Us’ form where questions can be submitted and you answer. Post both the questions and answers on the website.
  • Documents such as ‘How To’ guides, tip sheets, and training material – all there to download.
  • Daily or weekly tips.
  • A page of frequently asked questions ñ this can be extremely in-depth if you like.
  • A how to page.
  • Private area such as a Facebook group where they can have interaction with you. Amazing value!


It does not matter whether your membership site is for professional, a specific job, hobby, a specific skill set, etc. what is important is that create a variety of content, in fact it is the key to your success both long term and short term. New members will instantly have a wealth of information available to them.


You can view it online or download it. Additional information can be added to it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis ñ this will keep current members happy and continue to draw new members to the site. You might even offer a section on the site that is free and does not require membership. This is an area that shows what the site has to offer and is supposed to entice new memberships. There certainly are plenty of options.


Your content will make or break your membership website, because internet users are a savvy bunch and they are not willing to pay for something that doesnít offer them value, and that value needs to be there. So build your membership site keeping in mind that you offer valuable content.


Want to know more about membership sites? Grab my free crash course and lots of other goodies here >>


Check your Licence!

Check your Licence!


Today I’ve had to sort out yet another client who’s had her membership plugin revoked because she wasn’t using the correct licence.


She had a web developer install and set it up for her, and the developers of the plugin realised that the web designer had been using a single licence on multiple sites… This meant that unless she purchased the whole licence her membership site wouldn’t work and can’t access any of the members details. Which is really inconvenient, plus she thought she had already paid for this! Why should she pay again?


So this is just a quick message to everyone, make sure you have the correct licence on any product/plugin you’re using. Double check with your web developer to make sure they have the correct licence purchased if they’re using it for multiple clients.


This is your money you’re spending, and your money you’re losing when things go wrong….


We’ve now decided that it would be cheaper for me to delete the plugin and go ahead and use WP Emember (which as you know is my fave). Why? Because it’s cheaper for me to set it up that it would for her to buy the licence fee. Plus, there’s no ongoing re-occuring fees with WPEmember like there is with the plugin she’s using (no names mentioned…)


If you would like to know more about your membership options, please feel free to send me an email, or sign up for my freebie at


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