When you hit a sh#t storm….

When you hit a sh#t storm….

You know, even an award winning Tech Angel f*ucks up every now and then… #justsaying ūüôā

Too many times we hear the stories of how people succeed, how they are amazing, how busy they are, how they’ve secured yet another client, but how often do you get to hear about the shit storms they’ve landed themselves in?

I bet not often.

Well let me tell you about mine, warts and all, and what I intend to do about it.

So let’s go back nearly 3 weeks ago…..

Everything was just great, I was being visible, showing up in my business every day, super confident, winning mindset, and loads of brand new opportunities coming my way. Loads of people wanting to work with me, and I was ready to steam roll through the summer. I was already building up a waiting list for September and into October, and had a few urgent projects lined up that needed doing by the end of the month.

I was loving my business, and this was having a big influence on my home life too. Things were good.

I was however feeling overwhelmed, I do have a few associates I send work to when needed, but you see, I’m such a control freak I just have this ‘I will, and can do it on my own’ attitude. I’ll just work harder to get it all done.

So yeah, things were great!

Then…. I woke up with a stupid stiff neck. No biggie I thought. It would go in a few days, they always do don’t they?

Two days passed, and it didn’t go. In fact it got worse. The pain increased and started to go down my right arm, shoulder and my neck.

I couldn’t work as much as wanted because I couldn’t sit for long, but I still thought pain killers and a couple more days would keep it at bay and everything will be ok.

It wasn’t. I went to the docs who said I had possibly slipped a disk in my back and sent me on my way with some pain killers.

I headed to York in between to meet up with the amazing Rachel Smith – I so wanted to finally get to meet her, and of course this was my chance to finally get some clarity and much needed direction in my business.

Whilst I was there, we discussed the fact that I REALLY need an associate and delegate more in order to achieve my income goals… DUH! I know this, but gosh I’m poo at it… like I said, I’m a control freak. Of course this doesn’t do me or my business any favours, maxing out on time, and maxing out on the stress levels!

As the week went on the pain intensified and I could no longer run my business. I let my clients down, I lost work, hell I even lost a brand new client because I wasn’t 100% focussed and whilst I completed what was asked, it wasn’t up to my usual standard, so understandable she decided to part ways. I don’t blame her. This isn’t good!

An award winning tech angel losing her grip, losing integrity and losing the credibility she’s fought so hard to build up over the last 9 years.

Holy shit, this isn’t good.

So as I’m writing this, I’m sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, catching up on work after having a cervical epidural steroid injection (just yesterday)… I eventually went to see a private consultant who confirmed that I had 2 prolapsed disks in my neck.

I feel tons better, and in hardly any pain (hopefully it will stay that way).

But what I’ve learned is this….

Whilst I’m amazing at what I do when I’m 100% fit and in the zone, I’m utterly sh1t when I’m not!

Truth is, if I don’t show up in my business, then nothing gets done. How is that a solid foundation to grow?

Solution, make sure you’ve got a back up plan for when the sh1t storm lands. Outsource!! have a good team of mini me’s behind me…even the biggest control freak can control every now and again (in business and in life)

That annoying copycat and how I’ve learned to handle it

That annoying copycat and how I’ve learned to handle it

We’ve probably all been there. You come up with an amazing idea for a product, you launch it, you sell it, you smashed it… and a few weeks later ‘she’ appears with the same idea! AGAIN.


She being the person who LOVES everything you do, so has to copy it…


I used to really let it get to me, she event pinched some of my clients so sure, I was naturally pissed! For a bit anyway.

Spending endless hours putting things together, modules, setting it all out in a perfect structure, putting the pricing together, not to mention the marketing that goes into getting people interested enough to buy, and then for someone just to swan up and blatantly copy your whole idea, is just really deflating.

So what changed?

I realised I was awesome!

No, really, why else would ‘she’ want to copy me? If my ideas were crap, then ‘she’ just wouldn’t bother right?

I also realised that I wasn’t the only victim, ‘she’ had done it to others too, so I just smirked at the same old saying ‘Karma is a bitch’

So what did I do about it?

Did I shout, scream, call her on it?

NAH! I just ignored it.

I know I’m good at what I do, everything I put together has my heart in it. My blood. My sweat. My tears. Most importantly my customers in the forefront of my mind. I know people love my stuff because I’m ME! Equally her people like her for her (although one day they’ll maybe realise she isn’t 100% authentic – but that’s not my issue)

I’ve unsubscribed from her mailing list (how I was on there I don’t even know!), I blocked her from my pages, unfriended her on Facebook (oh yeah we were friends on Facebook too!), and removed myself from her stuff. I don’t see anything that she does so my mind isn’t consumed by her, and I’m not brought down by the negativity of the situation.

I figured that if she wants to copy my ideas, she can, but all she can see is what’s on the surface. She can’t copy the content, she can’t physcially be me, and most importantly she can’t possibly know what I have up my sleeve next.

The content is the easy bit, and can be copied. The rest, not so much.

Sure, somedays it gets to me, but not as much as it did. Now I just do my best to be me. Be true to myself, my clients & my prospects and know that I’m 10000% authentic. No copies, no imitations, just doing the best I can.

Have you been a victim of copying? Are you facing it now? 

What are you doing about it? 

I’d love for you to share your stories….


Case Study: Dawn moves into the digital world

Case Study: Dawn moves into the digital world

Let me start by saying I LOVE MY JOB!!

I just love love love working with clients and blowing their minds!!! Gosh that sounds so anal I know but really, when I work with clients who are so comfortable doing what they do in a physical capacity. Whether it being speaking, teaching, coaching etc in a classroom, on stage…whatever, and then they ask me to help them get online, I just love it!!!!

This is exactly what happened this month.. well yesterday was go live actually.

When Dawn contacted me she was just overwhelmed by the thought of having to move her business online. She had a website www.dawnbreslin.com, but it just wasn’t working for her. She wasn’t sure how to get things up and sell them to the big wide world.

Dawn Breslin, is absolutely amazing at what she does. She regularly features in the Psychologies magazine, she’s a Hay House author, speaker, tv & radio presenter.

Dawn realised that she needed to be able to deliver her coaching online. It’s the way it’s going now isn’t it? But she just didn’t know how.

TA DA.. Tech Angel to the rescue!!

I re-vamped her site and just brought it to life. A nice, fresh look, full of visuals, just how she asked.

This week we also launched her very first online course!! Well actually two courses!!!

Introduction to Harmonizing Life Design and Mindfulness for beginners with Maggie Kay. I am so proud of her.

We created brand new sales pages, added a shop to her website and dished out a gorgeous campaign via Mailchimp…

This is just the beginning of her journey, and much more to come! Head over to her website www.dawnbreslin.com to check it out!

If you would like to discuss how you too can set up your material online to generate a passive income, then get in touch now!

Second year running! WOOP #vacollab15

Second year running! WOOP #vacollab15

So Saturday 25th April (15) saw the VA Awards for the North East Region which was held in Newcastle. What an amazing day!!! Some inspiring Keynote speakers and lots of information to take away and implement.

When you think you’ve learned it all, seriously, you haven’t!

Anyway, I only blooming got Runner Up for North East VA Of Year! Second year running! Yeah baby!!! I am absolutely over the moon!!!!!

Gaining an award like this just makes all the hard work you put in worth while, getting recognition that ‘yeah you’re good at what you do Kelly’ is just really overwhelming.

Look at my shiny shiny award! I had to give it back so that it could be sent away for engraving, so can’t wait to get it back!


AND!!! I won the raffle which was a gold pass to this years Office Show!! All in all, and amazing weekend I’d say


Broken limbs and Mam’s table service

Broken limbs and Mam’s table service

7 weeks ago now my youngest Evan who is 7, fell off a swing and broke his arm in two places. He needed to go to surgery to put it back into place and as a result had his arm from wrist to shoulder in plaster. Such an ordeal, but he quite liked having mam feed him, bath him, dress him… the list goes on.


Unfortunately for him, mam’s waitress service ended on Thursday, when finally, the cast came off. Such a relief for us all I must say…

He’s now back at school and over the moon that he can play football with all of his friends again.

Anyway, this time last year, had this have happened I would have been in a right panic because no way would I have coped being away from work for such a long time. I had to take time off when he was in hospital, tend to his every need for two weeks after because the arm that he broke was his right one.

Why is this year different? Well, over the course of the last year I’ve worked hard at putting several processes in place that would help me earn money, even though I wasn’t around working IN IT.

What did I do?

– Build a number of membership sites – mainly my Tech Angel Club. This enables me to bring in money each month. The content is already there and members enjoy being part of an active community, asking questions solving their problems. So I don’t have to be on hand to help them when they get stuck. The solution is either in the club, or one of the other ‘tech angels’ will be able to help

– Online programmes – I now have a few online programmes running. Most of which are run on auto responders, and when someone signs up, they receive the content automatically. Again, this means I can earn money without having to work one to one with someone.

The next live one is ‘Membership Money Maker’ – starts Monday 13th October, with the early bird price ending Monday¬†6th October’

– Learnt to say no – Back in the days I would work with anyone just for the money. I’d never turn down an opportunity to work. I’d just say yes, even though I didn’t enjoy working with the person, or didn’t enjoy doing the work they were asking me to do. As a result, I started to resent the business and didn’t enjoy anything about it. I lost my mojo and just lost the fire in my belly. So, I made the decision that I would only work with people that had the same outlook as me, appreciated that I also have a family and wouldn’t expect me to answer emails at 10pm on a Friday night.

Which one of these do you have in place in your business?

Do you have a way to generate income automatically?

Hard work has paid off!

Hard work has paid off!

So I was nominated for Northern VA of the Year 2014, and the awards took place this Saturday.
Guess what! I was only voted blinking runner up for the Northern VA of the YEAR!!! 

To say I’m still up there in the clouds somewhere is an understatement. What an amazing achievement, to finally be recognised for all the hard work I’ve put in over the past 7 years.¬†

I want to thank you for your amazing support and for believing in me.

I had an amazing day, met old friends and made new ones and everyone was such an inspiration. 

Anyone who knows me on a personal level, going to events like this is massively out of my comfort zone. I don’t enjoy networking much and much prefer the whole online/social networking, but it has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone more because the possibilities are endless (Cliche), but it’s TRUE!¬†

So my message to you today is, if there’s something that you’re stalling on¬†because you’re scared, nervous, not sure about… just DO IT! It’s better to have regrets over something you tried, than have regrets because you were too scared to even get started

Have an amazing week.

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