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Kelly Cairns The Tech Angel

Hello my lovely!

Welcome to The Tech Angel. If you’re a woman who has her own business, or thinking about starting your own business, or feeling frustrated about moving and building your business online, then you’re definitely in the right place!

How I can help you…


WordPress designer, can also help setup, manage, maintain and make your website ‘pop’


Membership Sites

I’m an expert in setting up membership sites to leverage your time and income.

Find your tribe!

Techy support

Technology can sometimes be a pain in the bum. Don’t let it keep you awake at night. I LOVE to beat those tech gremlins with a stick

Admin Support

Helping you stay organised, in contact with your clients and customers and just generally being your admin support day to day

Awards I’ve won…

What my clients think…..

Kelly is definitely my tech angel! I need ongoing support with my online membership club. She always resolves all of my issues and turns the work around really quickly, which you need when you’re running a business. No question seems too silly, she walks you through the process step by step. I would highly recommend her to anyone, so long as my job isn’t on her list first!!

Ruby McGuire

Business Coach, Cappuccino Coaching Club

I’ve completed Kelly’s membership course and my club is now up and running. Dead easy to follow and set up and Kelly’s support is fabulous! Can’t recommend her enough, and my club is already paying off! Thrilled to bits!!

Jan Taylor

Intuitive Business Coach, Indigo Soul

Kelly’s knowledge and skills in creating membership sites and supporting you through learning the process are outstanding! She makes it super easy for you to understand without duming down, and both her programs and one to one assistance are something that my business NEEDS to make income. Kelly has helped me turn a Facebook page into a money mill by helping me to create a membership club, I now have a PASSIVE monthly income of over £2,000 thanks to my club and I expect this to keep growing – with Kelly’s ongoing support! Thank you Kelly for helping me build a firm business foundation and income stream from which to build on, you’re the best!

Kate Spencer

Law Of Attraction Coach & Author, The Lightworkers Academy

Kelly is a fantastic help to my business as she takes away overwhelm. She is really knowledgable, has great tenacity when things go wrong and always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help, find out or explore new things.

I really enjoy working with Kelly as it frees me up to be creative, knowing that I have the admin and technical backup in place to stop me feeling overwhelmed.

Sue Atkins

Parenting Expert, The Parenting Expert

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